Apr 18, 2024  
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog 
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog

Associate in Business - DTA/MRP

Students are required to earn a minimum of 90 college-level credits with a 2.0 grade point average to graduate.

The DTA generally provides a student a minimum of 90 quarter or 60 semester credits upon entry to a Baccalaureate Institution.  While completion of the DTA satisfies completion of general education requirements at participating Baccalaureate Institutions, it does not guarantee meeting admission criteria, individual institutional educational requirements, or program admissions.  Please visit the Transfer Center for schools party to this agreement and further details. 

Important Notices:

This degree is applicable for students planning to study various business majors at universities in Washington. Baccalaureate institutions party to this agreement are: Central Washington, Eastern Washington, The Evergreeen College, University of Washington (all campuses), Washington State (all campuses), Western Washington, Gonzaga, Heritage, Pacific Lutheran, St. Martin’s, Seattle, Seattle Pacific, Walla Walla University, and Whitworth.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee Business school admission. Admission for many business schools is competitive, and higher minimum GPAs, a higher GPA in a selected subset of courses, or a specific minimum grade in one or more courses such as math or English may be required. Certain schools may have additional university-specific requirements for admission to the institution that are not prerequisites specifically identified in the DTA requirements. It is strongly recommended that students contact the baccalaureate-granting institution early in the Associate in Business DTA/MRP program to be advised about specific course choices and procedures for admission and graduation requirements.

Residence Requirements for Transfer Degrees:

  • A minimum of 30 credits that apply toward the degree earned at WWCC.

Course Designators and Requirements

Communications [C]

10 credits in college-level composition required.

Quantitative Skills [Q]

10 credits required. Choose one course from each area:

Humanities [H] [HP]

A minimum of 15 credits from at least two different subject areas. No more than 5 credits allowed in 100 level Modern Languages. No more than 5 credits allowed in Performance/Fine Arts. No more than 10 credits allowed from any one subject area.

Note: Students intending to major in International Business should consult their potential transfer institution regarding the level of world language required for admission to the major. University of Idaho recommends PHIL 131 - Introduction to Ethics .

Social Science [SS]

15 credits required. Required courses: ECON& 201 - Micro Economics  and ECON& 202 - Macro Economics . Additional course must be from a subject area other than Economics.  Students should consult with their intended transfer school to select an appropriate third Social Science course.

Note: WSU requires either PSYC& 100  or SOC& 101  for the remaining Social Science credits.

Natural Science [NS]

15 credits required. One course must have a lab. Required course: MATH& 146 - Introduction to Statistics 

Note: Western Washington’s Manufacturing Management major requires specific courses for admission.

Business Specific Courses

Note: Heritage, Pacific Lutheran University, Seattle University and Walla Walla University do not require a lower division Business Law course, but will accept BUS& 201  as a lower division elective, but generally not as an equivalent to the course required at the upper division.  International students who completed a business law course specific to their home country must take a business law course at a U.S. institution in order to demonstrate proficiency in U.S. business law.

20 credits required:

General Electives

5 credits required. Students should consult with their advisor and intended transfer institution for the appropriate elective course.  

Note: Institutions have requirements for admission to the major that go beyond those specified above. Students can meet these requirements by careful selection of the elective course(s):

WSU: MIS 250 (Required for admission to business major) = CS 115  and CS 110  

UI: COMM 101 = CMST& 220  

UW: Business admissions requires a Statistics course with a minimum Precalculus prerequisite. Students may apply without this course completed.

Other schools (Gonzaga, PLU, Western Washington and others out of state) have business program admission requirements that go beyond those listed above.  Students should contact their potential transfer institutions for advice on which general elective course to take.

Note: not all classes are offered every quarter.