May 21, 2024  
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog 
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog

PHYS& 114 - General Physics I With Lab

Credits: 5
LEC hours per week: 4
LAB hours per week: 2
This is part one of an algebra-based physics sequence intended for non-physical science majors. Topics include linear and rotational motion, forces, kinetic and potential energy, momentum, and translational and rotational equilibrium. Lab work required. Formerly: PHYS 121.
Prerequisite(s): MATH 041   with a P or appropriate placement score; ENGL 087  with a grade of C or higher or appropriate placement; or permission of Chair or designee.
Recommended: READ 088  or higher; basic knowledge of trigonometry.
Course Outcomes:
  • Apply Newton’s Laws as they relate to motion and forces.
  • Describe the significance of conservation laws in physics; particularly conservation of energy and momentum.
  • Apply Newton’s Laws to situations where equilibrium exists.
  • Solve quantitative problems related to Newton’s Laws and the conservation laws using algebra and trigonometry.
  • Design and carry out laboratory experiments that relate to Newton’s Laws and the conservation laws.
Course Topics:
  1. Physical quantities
  2. One and two-dimensional kinematics
  3. Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion
  4. Circular motion and gravitation
  5. Energy, momentum, and principles of conservation
  6. Systems in equilibrium
Course Attribute(s): Lab Course, Natural Science, Transferable Elective