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2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog 
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog


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Program available at/via: [Walla Walla][Clarkston]

Department Overview: Chemistry provides the foundation necessary for success in any area of science. Ultimately, most of the phenomena in the biological, geological, physical, environmental, and medical sciences can be expressed in terms of the chemical and physical behavior of atoms and molecules. Because of chemistry’s key role, one or two years of chemistry are recommended for students planning careers in the sciences.

Program Level Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge foundational to physical, life and/or sports sciences.
  • Test hypotheses in the laboratory or field using discipline-specific tools and techniques for data collection and analysis.
  • Use empirical evidence or mathematical models generated from observable phenomena to reach an informed conclusion.
  • Evaluate the validity of scientific information and reflect upon its implications.
  • Communicate scientific information effectively using written, oral, and/or visual forms.
  • Make decisions and propose solutions based on science regarding their own personal health as well as issues that impact their communities.

Degrees: Students may earn an Associate in Science Degree - Option I (90 credits), or an Associate in Arts-DTA/MRP (90 credits). These degrees are applicable to students preparing to transfer to a college or university. Please consult with an advisor at WWCC and your intended transfer institution for the most appropriate degree program. (See AS Option I and AA DTA in Degrees section of catalog.)

Preparation for Success: Majors in chemistry are well prepared to pursue careers in a wide variety of allied fields as well as in chemistry. Students interested in a major in chemistry should take courses in science and mathematics.


    ChemistryChemistry (CCN)

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