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2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog 
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog


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Department Overview: Psychology is the scientific study of individual human behavior and mental processes. As a discipline, psychology uses scientific research methodology to understand the physiological, cognitive, and social processes that influence behavior. Scientific research methods assist psychologists in evaluating behavioral data and solving human problems such as those associated with development over the life span, brain functioning, learning, memory, psychopathology, and personality.

Program Level Outcomes:

  • The ability to analyze past and present society, diverse cultures and histories to better understand individual and group behavior and enhance self-awareness.
  • An understanding and working knowledge of the theories, concepts, ideas, terminology, and factual evidence in selected fields within the social sciences.
  • Sensitivity in understanding diverse views and perspectives.
  • An understanding of the historically and socially constructed nature of human differences.

Degrees: Students may earn an Associate in Arts AA-DTA degree (90 credits) which is designed for students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate institution with junior standing. Students pursuing this degree should meet with an academic advisor at WWCC and an advisor at their intended baccalaureate institution to determine an appropriate educational plan.(See AA-DTA in Degrees section of catalog).

Preparation for Success:

A major in psychology is strengthened by studies in research and statistics, as well as courses in anatomy and physiology.

The following link is a list of recommended courses for a student planning on completing an Associate in Arts degree and majoring in Psychology at a baccalaureate institution.

Preparing for a Major Ready in Psychology

Other Information: Courses in psychology are valuable across a wide range of academic and vocational disciplines and professions. Successful completion of General Psychology (PSYC& 100  ) and Lifespan (PSYC& 200  ) are prerequisites for the Nursing program. Other program and transfer colleges may also require successful completion of a psychology course.


    PsychologyPsychology (CCN)

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