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2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog 
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Department Overview: Geology is the study of the materials, processes, and evolutionary development of the Earth. Examples of the areas of study are: Mineralogy - the study of Earth’s naturally occurring minerals; Petrology - the study of rocks; Paleontology - the study of the history of life on Earth; Seismology - the study of Earthquakes; Volcanology - the study of volcanoes; Environmental Geology - the study of the interactions between humans and the geologic world; and Petroleum Geology - the study of fossil fuel resources and their development.

Geology courses will serve students interested in pursuing geology as a major, as well as students who take courses to fulfill the Natural Sciences requirement for graduation with an AA or AS degree.

Program Level Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge foundational to physical, life and/or sports sciences. 
  • Test hypotheses in the laboratory or field using discipline-specific tools and techniques for data collection and analysis. 
  • Use empirical evidence or mathematical models generated from observable phenomena to reach an informed conclusion. 
  • Evaluate the validity of scientific information and reflect upon its implications. 
  • Communicate scientific information effectively using written, oral, and/or visual forms. 
  • Make decisions and propose solutions based on science regarding their own personal health as well as issues that impact their communities. 

Degrees: Students may earn an Associate in Science Degree - Option I (90 credits), or an Associate in Arts-DTA/MRP (90 credits). These degrees are applicable to students preparing to transfer to a college or university. Please consult with an advisor at WWCC and your intended transfer institution for the most appropriate degree program. (See AS Option I and AA DTA in Programs section of catalog.) 

Preparation for Success: Students interested in a major in Geology should take additional courses in chemistry, physics and mathematics. Students considering Environmental Geology should also take courses in environmental science, biology and ecology.


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