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2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog 
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog

AGSY 330 - Soil Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Credits: 5
LEC hours per week: 4
LAB hours per week: 2
Students will be introduced to the role that soil biological communities play in the physiological processes of the agroecosystem. Specifically, students will examine the influences of agricultural management on soil biological processes that affect agroecosystem health through nutrient and biogeochemical cycling. Formerly: SAS 330.
Course Outcomes:
  • Describe the role that soil biological communities play in agroecosystem form and function.
  • Explain the mutual interactions between above and below-ground organisms.
  • Apply the principles of soil conservation to improve soil organic matter (SOM) content.
  • Analyze the effect of various agroecosystem management practices on agroecosystem health involving soil enzymes and the formation of SOM.
  • Evaluate the role of organic matter quality, quantity, and diversity in nutrient and biochemical cycling.
  • Investigate the role of soil biology in modern agricultural management using primary literature.
Course Topics:
  1. Soil Abiotic Factors
  2. Soil Biotic Factors
  3. Soil Ecology and Processes
  4. The Plant and Soil Interface
  5. Above and Below-Ground Trophic Interactions
  6. Soil Biological Processes and Agroecosystem Function