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2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog 
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog

CMST 201 - Intercultural Communication

Credits: 5
LEC hours per week: 5
Theory and practice of intercultural communication; understanding culture and cultural differences, both internationally and domestically, while working to develop the skills necessary to improve effective communication and relationships across cultures. Formerly: SPCH 201.
Course Outcomes:
  • Compare the communication behaviors and views of different cultures.
  • Explain how intercultural communication is influenced by perceptions, language usage, nonverbal  communication, ethics, values, cultural patterns and thinking modes.
  • Describe effective intercultural communication skills.
  • Defend the value of effective intercultural skills.
  • Analyze identity in relation to culture, worldviews, behaviors, blind spots, and potentialities.
  • Apply the concepts and vocabulary of the intercultural communication in written work or discussions.
  • Apply techniques to use during professional/personal intercultural relationships, including active listening.
  • Contrast verbal and nonverbal communication with an emphasis on cultural differences in nonverbal behavior.
  • Identify the characteristics and types of popular culture.
  • Explain the importance of popular culture in intercultural communication.
Course Topics:
  1. Perceptions
  2. Language usage
  3. Nonverbal communication
  4. Cultural patterns and thinking modes
  5. Values and ethics
  6. Intercultural communication and self-awareness
  7. Critical thinking and intercultural interactions (managing emotions)
  8. Understanding external influences on communication
  9. Self-disclosure
  10. Listening skills and responding skills
  11. Emotions
  12. Verbal expression
  13. Communication skill building for professional settings (example: health care)
  14. Navigating communication barriers
  15. Building trust
  16. Relationships (friends, colleagues, romantic relationships, familial relationships)
  17. Conflict management
Course Attribute(s): Communication, Diversity, PT Human Relations, PT Oral Communication