Jun 16, 2024  
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog 
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog

ENGL& 101 - English Composition I

Credits: 5
LEC hours per week: 5
Focuses on the development of structural and stylistic writing skills with concentration on expository, critical, analytical, and persuasive essay techniques. Formerly: ENG 101.
Prerequisite(s): Appropriate placement score or grade of C or higher in ENGL 097 , co-enrollment in ENGL 98 , or permission of the Division Chair or designee. 
Course Outcomes:
  • Construct organized, unified, coherent, and well-developed written compositions appropriate to a variety of audiences.
  • Apply strategies to succeed at timed, in-class writing.
  • Apply the basic mechanics of language (syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling) effectively.
  • Identify key ideas from a variety of readings.
  • Analyze and evaluate the validity of key ideas from readings.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write insightful, logical documents controlled by thesis statements and supported by concrete, specific details.
  • Employ techniques to improve writing style in voice, wording, sentence construction, and figures of speech.
  • Practice documentation skills, including summaries, citations, and avoidance of plagiarism.
Course Attribute(s): Communication, PT Written Communication