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2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog 
2023-2024 WWCC College Catalog

FYE 101 - First Year Experience

Credits: 3
LEC hours per week: 3
Empowers students to become active, responsible, and successful learners. Upon completion, students will demonstrate a clear understanding of strategies required to meet their life goals.
Corequisite(s): Enrollment in at least one pre-college or college-level course.
Course Outcomes:
  • Apply techniques to make connections with people who hold different perspectives, beliefs, and values.
  • Articulate personal challenges to college success.
  • Evaluate multiple strategies, services, and resources to meet challenges.
  • Develop possible solutions to remove barriers to success.
  • Implement solutions to personal challenges.
  • Reflect on their process and its results.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the financial aid process as it relates to college expenses.
  • Develop financial goals and budgets.
  • Understand how to effectively manage a personal budget.
Course Topics:
  1. College Challenges
  2. Community and College Resources
  3. Time Management
  4. Active Learning
  5. Health, Nutrition and Well-being
  6. Building Relationships
  7. Financial Literacy and budgeting
  8. FASFA and other funding sources
  9. Advising and Career Planning